Bitvavo: the place to trade cryptocurrencies

Bitvavo: the place to trade cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin: you can no longer ignore it these days. It is called by some the best investment opportunity ever. There are even companies and organizations that no longer work with regular money, but only with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. To trade cryptocurrency, you need an exchange. Just like with regular money. Bitvavo is such an exchange.

About Bitvavo

The stock exchange is the place where money is traded. On such a stock exchange shares are sold and bought, money is kept and you can earn a lot. Bitcoin also has to be traded somewhere. This happens on a crypto exchange or exchange. has enough information. Bitvavo is such a digital exchange for bitcoin. It is the place where you can trade this digital money.

About cryptocurrencies

Although we often speak of bitcoin, this is only a single type of cryptocurrency. It’s like the dollar: it’s worth money, but it’s definitely not the only currency to trade in. In addition to bitcoin, for example, ethereum is very popular. Chainlink and Dogecoin are also quite popular.

About Bitvavo

So you have to buy and sell all those cryptocurrencies somewhere. You do that on an exchange like Bitvavo. There are many more exchanges besides Bitvavo. Why is this exchange so popular? Because Bitvavo:

? is a Dutch stock exchange and therefore popular with Dutch investors.

? is a reliable exchange that is securely set up.

? Dutch information and service.

? Works with multiple currencies.

? is easy to understand.

The accessibility of Bitvavo

First of all, Bitvavo is labeled as safe and reliable by other reliable sources. That is very important because in the world of cryptocurrency there is little regulation and protection. At Bitvavo you do get that. But the other – main – reason that people choose this exchange is because you can expect Dutch information and service.

Part of the reason that working with cryptocurrency is so difficult for many is because all the information about it was only available in English for years. has enough information. With the arrival of a Dutch exchange, Dutch currency and Dutch brokers, you can now gain much more information in your own language.

An alternative to Bitvavo: Litebit

Don’t want to work with the Bitvavo exchange? Then there are alternatives. It was of course to be expected that this Dutch market would soon fill up with competitors. Not all of them are equally user-friendly or reliable, but Litebit comes close. This exchange has been around for a little shorter than Bitvavo and has a head office in Rotterdam. Bitvavo’s head office is located in Amsterdam. Litebit also supports multiple cryptos. Moreover, both platforms are safe and reliable. You can both trade and store your currency at this exchange, an advantage because you do not need a separate wallet.

A personal choice

However, your choice for an exchange is still a personal one, because both have advantages and disadvantages. You can therefore try them both and choose the exchange that best suits your way of working.