Bitcoin & Ethereum Drop Back, But Now Seem To Recover, These 3 Altcoins Continue Their Rally

Bitcoin & Ethereum Drop Back, But Now Seem To Recover, These 3 Altcoins Continue Their Rally

The prices of most cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) corrected slightly lower yesterday. Total market capitalization dipped from $1.71 trillion to $1.63 trillion. Since then, the market has gradually recovered and the market cap is back at $1.68 trillion, but that means that many prices are still slightly in the red today.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin couldn’t hold up above $40,000 anyway. Yesterday afternoon, the price plunged back to $39,000 and began to swing violently in the evening. Bitcoin dipped all the way to USD 38,000 twice, but this level still offered enough support for now. The lows of the BTC price are getting higher and higher and bitcoin bounced from this level again last night towards $39,000 and this morning another jump from $38,750 to $39,500. is good.

We may see another test of the USD 40,000 soon, but it is also highly possible that support around USD 38,000 will break in the coming days. Then there are important support zones around $37,000 and $35,000. Bitcoin fell on average a little more than many altcoins last night, causing the dominance to decline slightly.


However, Ethereum (ETH) fell even more sharply. Ether price failed to hold above USD 2,500 and dipped all the way to USD 2,350, but it did so with less dramatic swings than bitcoin. From that low, the price rose again this morning to USD 2,450, but is currently encountering resistance. Although the trading volume of ether is gradually increasing, it is still low. Out of the top 10, the ether price is the reddest today.

Today we see some altcoins from the top 100 fall a little harder and it is again prices that rose sharply just yesterday. Polygon (MATIC) is slowly starting to recover but is still 4% in the min. Klaytn (KLAY) made heavy swings last night and is in 5% in the min. Uma (UMA) loses 6% of its value and The Graph (GRT) even 9%. Shiba Inu (SHIB), the Dogecoin (DOGE) spin-off that was one of the fastest gainers yesterday, is almost 10% in the red today. AMP price is high.

Waves up

Today we also see three altcoins continue their rally. Waves (WAVES) is up 10% again compared to 24 hours ago and now 30% compared to a week ago. Quant (QNT) regains 13% and even 75% from last week. Amp (AMP) is today again the hardest riser in the top 100. The AMP price is again 25% in the plus and even 95% compared to a week ago. Amp is now number 24 on the list of largest crypto.